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Table of retail courses

  • Currency We buy at PLN We sell at PLN
  • 1 CZK0,167000,17500
  • 1 EUR4,230004,30000
  • 1 USD3,900004,04000
  • 1 GBP4,920005,03000
  • 1 HUF0,010000,01220
  • 1 CHF4,250004,43000
  • 1 CAD2,800002,93000
  • 1 SEK0,340000,39000
  • 1 DKK0,450000,53000
  • 1 NOK0,250000,37000
  • 1 AUD2,510002,67000
  • 1 HRK0,000000,00000
  • 1 BGN2,170002,32000
Publication date: 2024-05-24 11:20
The courses on the website are indicative and can be changed at any time. Do you need information about wholesale currency exchange?

About us

Kantor Gold is over 20 years of the best prices in Cieszyn. Currency exchange is not just the calculation, the clang of money counters, the clink of coins, but also a stronger heartbeat, because thanks to money dreams come true.

What are your benefits?

Dream holiday with family, successful shopping abroad, a longed-for trip for a child or maybe business development without borders?

Mutual benefits

All this becomes a fact thanks to efficient and beneficial exchange of currencies in our currency exchange bureau. You simply achieve your goals, and exchange money for dreams.

See for yourself that Kantor Gold Cieszyn is a hen that will lay you golden eggs. Good rates guaranteed. Visit us and shout: “Golly! What the prices! “

Best prices – always, for 20 years now!

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